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Bugs Bunny - ready to serving Ready to Serve

If I had to name a role model that most effected my life I would have to say Bugs Bunny. As a kid, I was a 100 pound weakling that had to rely on my wits since I definitely lacked the brawn. Of course it was never as easy for me as it was for that wascally wabbit. Bugs Bunny's antagonists usually weren't known for their smarts.

hillbilly bugs bunny

Bugs Bunny Quotes:

Bugs Bunny Bugs sings
It's Magic

Transylvania 6-5000

Oh carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime, it's magic

They fry, a song begins. They roast and I hear violins, it's magic

Bully for Bugs Bunny Quotes from:

Bully for Bugs
Of course you know this means war
What a gull-a-bull
What an imbecile what an ultra maroon

No matter how bad a situation might be, Bugs kept his cool.
On the other hand, Yosemite Sam was never known for his his.

I'd likely lose my cool too in the same situation.

Bugs and yosemite sam in harelift looney tunes therapy

I'm proud to say I've never needed professional therapy. All I needed to become a well rounded looneytic was a lifetime of constant exposure to

Looney Tunes

The effects are harmless but permanent.
Bugs Bunny with Bambie and Taz

Defender of the helpless and less fortunate.

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