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Daffy Duck

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Daffy Duck

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Daffy may not be evil but he's usually up to no good.
He can't help it, he's a greed slob, it's his hobby.
Whatever his intentions, you can't help feeling a bit sorry for him.
Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck Quotes:
Daffy Duck animated gif
I can't help it, I'm a greedy slob, it's my hobby
And you want me to find Planet X , is that it?
I can see where this moron is going to give me trouble
Daffy Laugh
32 teeth
This is a job for ... you know who
I had to open my big beak
There's a friend here to see ya
You are aware of course...
You're absolutely correct
Maybe it's just Paranoia
Don't go away
You're despicable
Ah there you are
Ho Ho very funny Ha Ha it is to laugh
That's just plain silly
I'll ho ho and ha ha you
Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin
All right wise guy, where am I
What a revolting development this is
EEK! you know better than that
I wish you would explain it to me sometime, buster
I certainly hope you appreciate what I've done for ya
Help help save me pal
No No No - not the red one
Hey Bub You need a house to go with this door nob
That's Strange
No thanks are necessary my good man
All right Ratnic lets see ya try that again
Something tells me this little black duck has worn out his welcome
I claim this planet in the name of the Earth
That sir is an unmigatated fabrication
There's no one knows his way round outer-space like Duck Dogers
Daffy flower

Daffy Duck

There's hardly a Looney Tunes episode with Daffy in it that I don't like. Include Bugs Bunny and Elmer J Fudd and you'll have me doubled over in laughter. When those 3 get together I never know what season it is. You can shoot him now or take him home and shoot him later. No matter what season it is - Daffy is going to get his bill shot off.

Daffy Duck Daffy Duck

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