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Hardy Perennials



I love Asters but have been personally dissapointed in the hybrids I've bought. The first year they are magnificent but they slowly fade away and by the third year what's left is yanked out of the ground. Just goes to show you that I can't have a green thumb with everyting. But I keep buying them since I want fall color.

Asters are best divided every 3 - 4 years to keep them vigorous.
Sow seeds in fall - provide 4 weeks cold moist stratification for germination to start indoors.

My best Asters are the wild ones that grow off in the rough area along with the Goldenrod and wild Phlox.

Aster alpigenus
Aster alpigenus

I couldn't resist the Wyoming Mountain Aster when I saw it. Growing about 6 inchs high it nevertheless produces some impressive daisy like flowers with yellow centers. This one is going to find a good home in a rock garden.


Soil Type - Well drained, sandy loam
Soil ph - Neutral
Water - Moist, but drought tolerant
Light - Full sun


Height - 1 to 4 ft.
Time of bloom - July - Sept
Flower colors - Lavender, Purple-Blue, Pink, White
Propagation - Seed - Division
Transplants - easy

Aster Alpigenus Aster alpigenus

unidentified Aster