This Site for Sale

Bags of cash are prefered

updated: 9/25/2007
Are you some sort of blooming looneytic? If so make an offer.
If not just steal the content

This page started as a joke but during the last few months I've been getting a constant stream of inquiries.
A couple have been serious enough to tempt me but so far I've resisted (or just too plain lazy to follow through)

I've had a couple of good laughs at $500 offers
I've said a polite "no thanks" to a couple $1500 offers
I was tempted by a $5000 offer

I'm assuming any offer is really for the Domain Name. For that you need to get serious.

You can help support this site.

I know you don't really want to steal from me yet countless visitors do by linking directly to images and sound files. Now if you want to use something on a personal page, forum, blog or whatever I ask you to do one of two things. Either download the file and host it yourself or donate a measly buck.
Warning: the worst offenders often find the file they used replaced with something else.
Actually I quit doing that when hosting costs went down.
I'm more than willing to spend a couple extra bucks so some jerk can link directly to my content.

Send a dollar to the
Widows and Orphans Fund
Trust me - You fur bearing varmit
Special Fund Uses
I'm not kidding - make a donation thru PayPal
You can help support this website
$1. is more than enough

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