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Posted by WiseAcre on Feb 12th, 2009

Bur Cucumber – Sicyos angulatus

Feb 12

While I was happy to see temps in the 40s I was feeling a little prickly because of the rain. I couldn’t go out and get my photo fix so here I am after rummaging through some late summer photos. Since I found something that matched my mood I’m feeling much better now.

Bur Cucumber Seed Pod
Bur Cucumber seed pod

This was a real find for me. The common wild cucumber (Echinocystis lobata) is very common around here but I had never come across a bur cucumber before. And to find both flowers and seed pods at the same time was a real bonus.

Bur Cucumber flower cluster

Thanks to the macro mode on my camera I can see details that I would have otherwise missed.

Bur Cucumber flower macro

Way back when I never got around to posting these photos. I got distracted by a wasp.


A note for new visitors:
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I also need to mention a regular visitor. peppylady thought enough of me to pass on an award someone made up for her. I appreciate the thought but I’m not a big fan of awards unless a portrait of Salmon P. Chase comes with it. When someone hands me a $10,000 bill I’ll know for sure I did something worthwhile.

5 Responses

  1. Rainfield Says:

    What a feeling to shoot at an insect while it was staring fiercely at you. “Hey man, You haven’t settled the fee for my previous pose!!”

    Two character quotes come to mind:

    “Go ahead, make my day” … Dirty Harry
    “Go ahead, I dare ya” … Yosemite Sam

  2. Lisa Says:

    Very nice shots! We have a lot of these vines up here too, I really like the prickly pods. In fact, I planted some especially for my neighbors…they’re very deserving of something prickly. >:-)

    Have you ever considered Japanese Knotweed as a special gift for deserving neighbors 🙂

  3. HoneyB Says:

    More cool photos! Love the detail!

    I’d prefer someone awarded me with a $10,000 bill myself. I wonder why someone just doesn’t do that??

    BTW I was wondering, your obviously near Morley – have you ever been to the Longbranch? We have never eaten there but I have been curious if it was worth the drive for dinner.

    I’ve been there 3 times and each time was less enjoyable. Food is OK, but nothing to write home about. My poor experience is mainly bad timing. Make sure its not an ‘event’ night if you don’t want to sit for an hour before ordering and another before the food is served. Forget conversation – music and a dull roar coming from the bar side will turn you deaf. To be honest – I’d say go somewhere else unless you want to tie one on. I won’t go back unless I’m hog tied and dragged.

  4. HoneyB Says:

    Thanks….guess our best bet is to eat right at home….unless we are going to the Casablanca! When I want to tie one on I make Grumpy take me to the VFW where I even when I’m drunk I’m in a better state of mind than everyone else there! (and the drinks are cheap! ha)

  5. Mike Says:


    I had started a garded for the first time in years, and here I thought I had some real cucumber plants popping up, so I set them by wire fence and they soon took over 100 ft. of fence, beautiful to look at for it was a wall of leaves which made garden inside invisible to critters. lol

    I never heard of this prickly cucumber before, but when it didn’t flower, just tons of leaves crawling everywhere, I started searching for answers and finally found it here. The little 5 petal flowers did finally pop out, but never became the usual cucumber flower, so now I see the cluster of burs, sad day as I was looking forward to a bumper crop of eating cucumbers. lol

    Oh well, one good thing is these little flowers which were so abundant were very powerful attractors for beas. Never saw so many variety of beas before all collecting pollen together, sharing away, no fighting. Yellow jackets were most prominant, wasps next, and bumble beas, but not one honey bea, thought that was strange since they are on my clover patch, so they must be more picky. lol You could hear the buzzing from inside the house, amazing sight to see.