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Posted by WiseAcre on Feb 23rd, 2009

Black Monday

Feb 23

Today’s theme is black even though the photographs are mainly white. I can’t get away from the snow and my thoughts are turning towards the dark side.

I would think this merchant’s mood is definitely black. All winter the snow has been plowed into a giant pile in front of the store. Not that there’s no where else to put it. A dispute over maintenance fees with the parking lot owner and the store’s property owner has left this retailer behind the proverbial 8 ball.

Snow Kraze
Snow Kraze

I’m pretty sure the buggy driver isn’t in a black mood. The Amish are pretty good at taking things in stride but I did sense a little frustration at the traffic. Main Steet in Canton isn’t known for the traffic giving anyone a break. This poor guy was sitting quiet a while waiting for a chance to pull out.

Waiting on Traffic
Amish buggy waiting on traffic

Oh, talk about waiting for your vehicle to warm up. I’ve got to stop complaining. At least I don’t have to wait until spring for the heat to come on in my truck.

Amish buggy in Canton

I’m a bit peeved at myself for not stopping the other day when the sky was blue and the Black Birds were in the same pose. A lesson to be learned – not an excuse to turn fowl.

Crows in a Snow Storm
Snow Crows

Taking a shine to a Black Bird
     I did stop for this shot yesterday. It’s not the best bird photo but I did like the way the sun shined on it’s feathers.

So in the end I can leave happy. I’m not going to let a little snow today turn me into Darth Vader.

I’ll wait till tomorrow.

Good thing tomorrow never comes or I’d be eating crow.

Posted by WiseAcre on Sep 12th, 2008

And lead me not into temptation

Sep 12

Amish walking in Potsdam, NY

You better not even glance that way if you know what’s good for you.

I didn’t bake all morning over a hot woodstove just to see you run off with some sweet tart.

Posted by WiseAcre on May 3rd, 2008

Men in Black Spotted in Canton, NY

May 3

Mobile units of the group sometimes refered to as Men in Black have been photographed on Main Street. Stake Outs next to a number of local gas stations have already been set up in what appears to be independent operations all focused towards the public.  They have made no attempt to blend in and have been seen negotiating with area citizens.

Sign of things to come?

A sign of things to come?

I couldn’t resist. I was in juxtaposition to take a shot.

Mobile Amish

Mobile Amish

Horse drawn buggies at gas stations seem to be the theme.

Last Stand of the Amish

Last Stand of the Amish

…on the way out of town.

A man in black

Well what do you know. The theme is economic basket cases.

Q:  What do you get when you flood the market for baskets?

A:  A chance to catch up on some sleep.


Q:  If you drive to town often to buy a loaf of Fresh Baked Amish Bread and it ends up costing 10 bucks because of gas prices what road do you use?

A:  The Road to Ruin.

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