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Posted by WiseAcre on Jun 27th, 2015

Recipes for Cats

Jun 27

Steward J. Cat’s favorite recipe is Field Mouse Delight.
While easily prepared it does require more effort catching the fresh ingredient needed.

The hunter

Field Mouse Delight

– live field mouse
For urban house cats you can substitute a house mouse

-Catch mouse
-chew head off
-play with carcass
-eat while still warm and supple

Due to the graphic nature of the preparation and finished meal those photos have been withheld. I will show an after dinner pic displaying how nose licking good a fresh meal of Field Mouse Delight is.

…and now for something completely different.

Blood Sport
playing catch with a cat

Posted by WiseAcre on Apr 14th, 2012

Stewart J Cat

Apr 14

Before I get to Stewy I just want to show today’s wildflower find. I discovered these tiny yellowed eyed pretties with pale blue petals while walking through a corn field.

Bluets – Houstonia caerulea

Bluets - Houstonia caerulea

I didn’t expect to find Bluets among the corn debris but there were a fair number of tight little clusters like this one. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’ll be going back to ‘save’ them. How can I resist?

bluet flower

Nearly every cat I’ve had has followed me around but none like Stewy. Stewy will tag along through woods and fields on walks that loop around a couple miles out back. Stewy would rather hunt for mice along the stone walls but he’s patient enough and will wait for me when I fuss with the camera. Dog not so much, Pookey took off for home rather than wait. Dog doesn’t care to be out standing in a field.

Corn field kitty
stewy the cat

The stone walls are Stewy’s favorite hunting grounds. There are plenty of mice and chipmunks that easily evade him by vanishing into the walls but Stewy doesn’t mind, finding a comfortable place to wait for them to reemerge is no problem.

cat resting on a stone wall

The swamp out back might slow Stewy down but it won’t stop him from following. This time I had to wait.

Oops, go where?
cat vs water

There was a jump of about 6 feet to dry ground and Stewy had to sit and think it over.

Who put my tail in the water?
cat tail in the water

About now I was getting a feeling Stewy was considering me pond scum.

Ya got to be kidding me
swamp cat

Just as I was about to save him, Stewy made the jump. I have to admit it was an impressive leap of faith.

Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 27th, 2012


Mar 27

Winter’s silence was shattered by returning geese. A cacophony of honking coming from the river can be heard a mile away. Hundreds of Canadian Geese lend their voices to the clamor and it only gets more raucous when disturbed. Most took flight after I arrived but a couple stood their ‘ground’ on the far side of the river.

How to whitewash a rock using Canadian Geese
geese on a river rock

I spotted a pair of wood ducks perched in a tree but they took flight before I could get a photo. On the way home I managed to get a photo of a male in the swamp. Two pairs managed to swim into heavy brush before I could get more than one quick shot off. Do ducks swim or float?

The weight of a Witch equals that of a Wood Duck
male wood duck

Water Foul
Stewy claims the bird bath. It seems to make a nice cozy cat sunning stone.

Screwy Stewy
cat in the boulder bird bath

The boulder is a work in progress. Another session with a rotary hammer drill should finish the basin. This rock is almost more than I can chew. It is much harder than I expected.

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