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Posted by WiseAcre on Sep 11th, 2011

Bovine Backgrounds

Sep 11

After some rumination I’ve decided to try something new.

I have a new laptop with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 so my old desktop wallpapers don’t quite cut it any more. Images look OK when you reduce size but they don’t scale up very well. With that in mind I’ve decided to up the size of my background images to 1920 x 1080. I can set backgrounds to ‘fit to screen’ without losing image quality while providing those with a larger screens an opportunity to use them too. An overwhelming number of visitors are also using wide screens to view my site/blog. I’ve been stuck in the past far too long and it’s time for me to upgrade more than my hardware.

I am now storing my ‘web’ photos on Picasa and will be linking the full size background images to there. The nice thing about that – one link. Once there you can browse through the Wallpaper Album and choose any you want to use and download. You might also want to rummage around in the rest of my albums to see photos you may have missed here on the blog.

Cow Huddle

heifers in a huddle

Elsie, you graze long on the right. Daisy, you wander to the center while Betsy fakes a run for the barn. The rest of you stop chewing your cud and line up.

Click the link to open the full size image in a new tab in order to download it to your computer.
Cow Huddle – Desktop Wallpaper

Remember – the link goes to the Wallpaper Album where you can chose any image. From there you can also get to my ‘regular’ albums.

Heifer 2 Faces

Heifers - 2 faces in black and white

If your wondering, these are Holsteins and the reason why their portrait is in black and white.

Heifers 3

Holstein heifers 3 faces

I know these aren’t the best images I could start with, not everyone likes looking at pretty faces.

If I want to lure you into my wallpaper web I going to have to cater to different tastes. Bugs, birds, critters, flowers and fungi need to be added to the menu. I will even post photos for those looking for deer ones and if you’re searching for a turkey on the run I just may be your man.

turkey on the run

that’s today’s photos and a whole new organization and presentation for those to come.

Posted by WiseAcre on Dec 20th, 2010

cow faces and map

Dec 20

I’m still playing with the chromebook and exploring what Google has been doing while I wasn’t looking. The Picnik image editor is beginning to grow on me. Picasa Web Albums is something I should have used long ago. Creating photo galleries and slideshows will make it easier to browse all the future images and any that don’t quite make it the blog.

Here are some cow faces I touched up today:

Want to see a larger portrait?

clicking on it will open it in my Picasa gallery where you’ll find a lot more photos too.

I promise, the next slide show will be created using new photos. Hunting season is over so I have no excuse to stay out of the woods. Besides, I’m getting that itchy feeling from being cooped up too long.

Google Maps is making me anxious too. Mapping my discoveries is really going to help me remember where I found things. I can already imagine a mushroom map, a wildflower map, best gardens map and on and on and on.

Here’s a river access map I’ve already started to cover canoeing and hiking in the area.

View Canoe and Hiking in St. Lawrence County, NY in a larger map

Now I’m off to see if it’s possible to at least post a link back to here from inside a map.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out of my easy chair.

Posted by WiseAcre on Sep 25th, 2009

Yellow Fairy Cups

Sep 25

…is the common name I believe some gardeners would like for this tiny mushroom. Why else would I use the name as the title? The other common names just don’t seem so interesting although one does leave me wondering.

Bisporella citrina

Yellow Fairy Cups can be found throughout North America and are generally seen growing on rotting logs. All you have to do is look close if you see a yellow ‘stain’ on dead wood.

Yellow Fairy Cup

Lemon Disc seems more suited to these mushrooms. That’s pretty much what I see
(when magnified).

Lemon Drops is a good name too. The early growth is sphere shaped before they flatten out. I only wish they were much larger. I wouldn’t be lying if I offered you a Lemon Drop, now would I?

Bisporella citrina

I saw Lemon Disco on a few mycology websites and that left me wondering. It could be the name of some Fairy hangout where they go to dance. But if I ever hear Disco in the woods some fairies are going to get stomped on.

Hey I know the jokes are real

They thought they’d sneak into the garden today but I managed to scare them away with some bad puns. They reminded me I shouldn’t complain about the deer. Deer are nothing compared to what turkeys will do to a garden. Deer only over prune, turkeys leave behind a WW1 landscape.

And now for a happy face

scottish highland heiferClick for desktop wallpaper version

I think.
Kind of hard to tell with Scottish Highland cattle. I’ll assume this heifer is at least contented.

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