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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 27th, 2010

House vs Machine

Mar 27

The house suffered a few minor scratches before the main event on Friday. When I left the site on Thursday the house looked like this:

House demolition

By 8:30 Friday morning the excavator had already chewed up the entertainment room, the garage and most of the kitchen.

House demolition

Within minutes the claw had ripped into the main house.

House demolition

And a few minutes later the entire back of the house was chewed into rubble.

House demolition

House demolition

From the front things didn’t look so bad.

House demolition


House demolition

Not everything was demolished. One addition was spared in the hopes of saving it.

Hard to believe but once the house was chewed up it fit into 9 dumpsters. The last of the rubble was hauled away by Saturday afternoon. The only reason it took so long was the trucking company couldn’t keep up with the excavator. It should have been gone the same day.

A few answers:

No it is not my house. I have to drive 8 hours to get here. The landscape was ‘mine’ and it really hurt to see 6 years of gardening wiped away. The good news is that I get to do it all over.

What is the 26 foot deep hole for? – The new house’s basement is going to have a really high ceiling. You can guess why the ceiling needs to be so high. I doubt very very much anyone can guess correctly. If you do, you have a better imagination than most.

I’ll be headed home tomorrow. The dig isn’t going to start until the end of next week and there’s something a bit more important I need to take care of. After 32 years it’s still a good idea to be around for my wedding anniversary next Thursday.  (think about that date for a minute) And no, it’s no joke.

Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 24th, 2010

Easy Way Out

Mar 24

I arrived at the site minutes before the excavator arrived. I was hoping to get at least a day to save as many perennials as possible before the monster started to tear things up.


All I could do is watch as the beast’s giant claw yoinked Viburnums at least 40 years old as if they were only seedlings in a pot to be thinned out. The Hemlock proved to be no match either and was easily pushed out of the way.


How do you remove a refrigerator from a house? The easiest way possible. Improvise with the tools at hand. Here’s the most efficient way to make a new door able to fit even the largest appliance.

House hole

It still takes 4 guys to move the fridge. Two to dance, one to watch and one to do the heavy lifting once the fridge is in the proper position.

moving a fridge

Up, up and away.

fridge mover

The beast wandered off but it’s not finished yet. It’s due to return on Friday to finish off the house. Then the big dig can begin. When it’s over there’ll be a 26 foot deep hole where the house once as.

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