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Posted by WiseAcre on Aug 16th, 2012

Pigskin Puffball

Aug 16

Scleroderma citrinum

This is a false puffball. The leathery skin is one clue. The black flesh on the inside is another.

mature pigskin puffball – Scleroderma citrinum
pigskin puffball

Poking a pigskin puffball is dangerous. The spores can bring tears to your eyes, make your nose run, cause post nasal drip and give you pink eye. They are poisonous and anyone eating one is likely to experience a good bout of gastrointestinal distress.

Do NOT do this at home
pigskin puffball spore cloud

When you do foolish things be prepared to deal with unexpected consequences. I felt compelled to point out the identity of this mushroom after learning its true nature.

this is what happens when you poke a pigskin puffball

Actually I just needed a break. I’m selecting and organizing 5 years worth of photos in preparation of updating the northern NY wildflower section of my web site. I’m still working on ’08 pics and probably have another 7,000 photos to go before I catch up to the present time. One nice thing is I’m now able to identify many of the mushrooms that once mystified me. The pigskin puffball is one of them.

These photos have all been previously posted.
puffball spore cloud
that’s strange

The joke was lost to all but my most dedicated followers. In other words, no one got it.

Posted by WiseAcre on May 13th, 2009

Fuzzy questions and answers

May 13

I haven’t been able to identify this fuzzy yellow caterpillar.

I’m hoping someone can give me a clue. Bonus point to anyone who can identify this caterpillar
Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar

But back to the quiz.

Question 1:
How many legs does a caterpillar have.

Caterpillar legs
hint- the other side has the same number

Question 2:
What plant does this fuzzy seed head belong to?
Coltsfoot seed head

Question 3:
What are those globes over this fuzzy red moss?
Unknown moss

1. Being an insect a caterpillar only has 6 true legs. The others in the rear are prolegs on their abdomen. The prolegs are not real legs although they are used as such. Maybe I should have asked how many pairs of shoes does a caterpillar need?

2. Coltsfoot – Tussilago farfara (and you wanted to say dandelion, didn’t you)

3. Instant Martians Instant MartiansInstant Martian

Posted by WiseAcre on Apr 12th, 2009

What a Haul!

Apr 12
Yosemite Sam It must be a Yosemite Sam Holiday.
That fur bearing varmint with the big white bushy tail left all kinds of goodies just ripe for the picking again.
…and they were hardly hid at all.

I did very well today hunting Easter Eggs. I have to admit the competition was almost nonexistent. The older kids are really no threat since I outweigh them by over 100 lbs and they’re just too easy to bowl over. The toddlers are so excited they’re hardly aware of what’s happening around them and picking their baskets is no challenge at all. Parents can sometimes be a problem. I have to tell them I’m an Official and the eggs have been recalled and they should help me collect and give me as many as they can find. Those that have doubts I send to the organizers booth for clarification while I vanish.

I was really surprised by the first prize egg.
Needless to say I got a big bang out of it.
After all it is an ACME product.

Just look at all the Easter eggs I found! These are the wild ones that haven’t been wrapped in colored foil. They’re 100% pure without any wax in the ingredients and a much better source of fiber than the store bought ones.

Easter Basket

My wife told me to stop eating them or I’d get sick. Now for some reason see refuses to kiss me.

Happy Easter.
Hope all your eggs are not as full of it as I am.