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Posted by WiseAcre on Nov 5th, 2009


Nov 5

I have to write this down just to get it out of my system.

History was made in the congressional district where I live. So what happened in an area that’s been a stanch Republican stronghold since the late 1850s? For the first time since the civil war the 23rd Congressional District has elected a Democrat to the House of Representatives.

The 23rd Congressional District is a huge sprawling area that transverses the northern portion of NY. We’re not undiscovered country but we certainly are unknown. When I’m down on Long Island, NY, which is only 400 miles away from my home I have to tell people I’m from Canada if I want them to even have a clue about where I’m from. If I say I live 20 miles from the Canadian border people down there nod their heads in understanding and say ‘Oh Buffalo”. If I reply, ‘No, no, I live an hour south of the Canadian capitol, Ottawa’, I just get a puzzled look. For many there is nothing of note north of Albany except maybe the Arctic Circle.

Well, all that changed the last few weeks. The national media focused the spotlight on us and we were acknowledged as being somewhere in New York. It was expected we’d get some notice, after all this was a special election to replace our long time Republican Representative, John M. McHugh who was leaving to become the Secretary of the Army. That in itself was enough to draw notice. A Democratic President picking a Republican to head the Army is more than enough to start speculation, rumors and conspiracy theories.

It should have been the same old story. The Republican candidate should have walked away with the election. They actually had a candidate that was ready to do just that. Dede Scozzafava was a Republican leader in the State Assembly and pretty popular around her home base. I thought her brother’s financial troubles might be her Achillies Heel and the race had a chance to become close. There is a lot of seething over what happened to WiseBuys and Hackett’s and her name was attached. But then, there’s always been that Republican tide that overwhelms any Democratic challenger.

In fact her brother’s predicament never really made it to the political stage. The spotlights did get pointed at Dede and the heat from the constant exposure evaporated any chance she had. What’s mind boggling is the very reasons that made her popular with the voters were used by what should have been political allies to run her to ground then kick the body out of the way.

When Douglas L. Hoffman announced he was running as the Conservative candidate I knew Dede was in for some trouble. I was right but figured wrong. I thought it would be her lack of name recognition in the eastern Adirondack area that would siphon votes to that area’s homeboy. There’s always the thinking our ‘local’ person is better equipped to represent us especially in a district that spans such a large area and varies so much regardless of our rural backgrounds. I was only thinking of the Republicans splitting into regional candidates. In the North Country sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a Republican and Conservative. Even on my ballot there were Democrats listed on the Conservative line. Moderate is the keyword here and we’re used to mixing party lines.

Then FOX and friends came to sort things out for us. They made sure we understood the difference between a true Republican and one they consider is in name only. Then thay gave us an example of what they’ll do to anyone who doesn’t march lockstep in the narrow path they’ve laid out for us.

Dede had some Democratic cooties on her Republican skin. But our Friends at Fox knew better and gutted her on the public square to show us just how deceived we were and how deep the evil had consumed her very being. After pointing to Heavenward to the Conservative Stars now in alignment they held out her entrails to their followers as proof that the evil has been banished and their time to ascend to power was at hand.

Yea right. While the Defenders of the Universe were off slaying a RINO in their epic battle to save the soul of the Republican Party a Donkey walked right into the House of Representatives.

Now how should I sum this up?

Outsiders came to save us from ourselves. They showed no mercy and gave no quarter. Politics went from a game of hardball to a blood sport to the death. In the name of Purity they shattered the Republican Party and sacrificed a seat in the House of Representatives.

Moderate Republicans learned they were more evil and a bigger threat to Truth, Justice and the American Way than the demons wearing Democratic skins. It’s no longer a political game but a crusade to cleanse the Party even if they have to kill it in order to save it’s soul.

Or so some would have us believe. Talking heads that make enormous incomes from ‘stirring the pot’ came and and brought with them their ‘movement’ all wrapped up nice and pretty in the American Flag and Gods favor. They leave richer and the Republican Party so wounded that it might never recover the strength it once had in this area.

Thank Fox, Rush and the others for leaving us the pieces to pick up after trashing the North County for a few bucks more. But don’t worry they’ll be back soon enough to kick the Party some more while it’s down. After all, there’s still money to be made when the mid-term elections are ripe for the picking. If they really had a motive other than making money they would not be so hell bent on a slash and burn strategy that devastates the very movement they profess to believe in. Rabble rousing for fun and profit is big business.

Infotainment and Opintainment are not that much different from pro wrestling. Staged hysterics designed to cater and incite a select audience that finds it entertaining is good business. It’s not the show’s fault when people believe it’s real. They’re not responsible when people act out their drama in real life. Yep, it’s only entertainment, just a show for us rubes. What happened here couldn’t have any connection to anything said by these talented entertainers.

It’s their right to make money. It’s their right to free speech. Their responsibility to the company’s shareholders gives them the right to rip the north country apart because they really didn’t mean to.

Wow, it was good to get that out of my system. I’m feeling much better now. Now that I can see straight I shouldn’t have been so harsh with Fox.

They must have been Fair and Impartial since their coverage of this special election helped break the Republican grip on the district and elect a Democrat for the first time since Lincoln was President.

You know, it’s been a hell of a show. I’m glad it’s over though. Someday I may tell the grand kids the story. I should go now and make one up.