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Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 2nd, 2011

Do You Moo?

Jan 2

You should.
I did a little mooing before the holidays and am very happy with the results.

moo.com is an on-line print shop I came across while looking for a sticker maker. Somehow I got sidetracked to their postcard designer and ended up printing 20 photos. Being able to order just one card per photo and getting a ‘sample pack’ printed was a little to tempting for me. I wanted to do more but figured it best to wait and see what the print and card quality was like before going overboard.

When the postcards arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised. The prints were awesome.

Total cost including shipping was $25.48. I figure $1.28 per card is a good deal.
I’ll be ordering more.

I mooed again today. This time I ordered 25 greeting cards. Total cost = $49.74. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Not all of these photos made it to the printer. 25 of 33 were selected, looks like I have a head start on the next batch.

Mooing made me happy and I think you would be too if you moo.

This post is another good excuse for me to post old photos.