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Dec 27

Why hike the Stone Valley trail in winter? How about the awe inspiring scenery? There’s no need to go far, the most impressive section of river is about a mile long at the south, upriver end of the trail. I like to wait till the dead of winter when the cold has really had time to work it’s icy charms.

The slide show photos were taken in February ’09 and ’10. They all have been previously posted but it was nice to create a Picasa gallery (note to self: remember never to make any changes to the slide show gallery or the slide show will break) and have the two seasons all on one post. It’s also a good motivator to get me out there again real soon.

The photos should give you a clue winter doesn’t fool around in the north country. This is a raging section of water falls and rapids one would never expect to ice over. When it does it’s well worth the hike.