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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 8th, 2011

basket case

Mar 8

Being trapped indoors can make a basket case out of any outdoor enthusiast.

Stewy is no exception

Stewy the can in a basket

Last night might be the last of the near zero F temps for a while. These I hope are the last frost pics of the season.

Frost leaves on the driveway

frost ferns

The snow is still skull deep on (another) stone slab on a stump.

snow cover stone slab and deer antler

I drove to the ‘dump’ today and checked out the Grasse River for ice jams along the way. There was next to nothing below the dam at Madrid. At Chamberlain Corners there was a slight build up but nothing to write home about.

ice at chamberlain corners - grasse river- mar8

I’ll have to see once the ice breaks up on the flat water sections what this turns out to be. Will this mini jam hold long enough to catch the ice that will soon be here?

Grasse river ice jam at chemberlain corners, mar 8

Ice was arriving at Chase Mills as I drove by. There’s a good chance this will turn into a nice jam. I’ll probably miss it. I’m planning on taking a hike this weekend to the ice jam downstream of Morley.

ice jam at chase mills, grasse river, mar 8, 2011

Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 31st, 2011

how’s this for a frosty stare?

Jan 31

Cool things happen when the temperature dips to -10F at night. To begin with I’ll start with my frost hole. This is where I took the ‘ice fern’ photo the other day.

frost hole

The frost hole is the discharge point of a drainage pipe coming from the basement. It seeps year round no matter how cold it gets. On nights like last night when the thermometer dipped well below zero F. frosty leaves of ice grow from anything sticking above the water’s surface. This is actually flowing water and not clear ice.

frost puddle

Art imitates life. Jack Frost sculpts icy leaves on a bed of moss

frost leaves

I found a couple of small open ice spots on the stream. They were the last holdouts of flowing water that finally surrendered their free flowing days to the bitter cold. The smallest was the size and shape of a large goose egg. Could Faberge have done any better?

frost egg

The nearby stream is fed by runoff flowing out of a culvet at the corner of the property. Water doesn’t appear to be flowing but I can assure you that under the snow it’s still running downhill. I saw ice in the culvert and assumed the area in front of the culvert was also frozen. Stepping in water half way up my shinbone was more than enough proof for me. Needless to say this was the last photo of the day. Does it remind you of anything?

culvert eye

NO? Nothing at all?
Then here’s your frosty stare from the cold black depths of my limited imagination.

culvert sunglassesicy smile

if you came looking for frozen grasse – part 2 – look below. This is the 2nd post today. I needed to get these photos out of the way of the dam post planned for tomorrow.