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Posted by WiseAcre on Jul 5th, 2008

Holy Flowering Fangs Batman!

Jul 5

Can you guess what this is?  Besides looking beautiful these flowers appear downright dangerous. With 5 fangs to every flower the plant could really set it’s teeth into something.

Flower Fangs

 Later pods will form and aliens will pop out when fully developed. Naw, I’m just kidding about the aliens but it’s not hard to imagine such a thing looking at the flowers.

Need another hint? The plant wouldn’t hurt a butterfly.

Another? If wounded it will bleed a milky sap

one more?

Flower Cluster

 Surprising how a close up look at the ordinary can give you a glimpse into another world even if it’s just in my imagination.

 So what did you see?


11 Responses

  1. Annie in Austin Says:

    The closeups could star in a space opera, Wise Acre. I’m not sure what kind of milkweed you have but there’s a cool species down here called Antelope Horns that grows on country roadsides. It can be seen on this Wildflower Center link.


    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    It’s a Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), that is until you look close 🙂

    I like that Antelope Horns Milkweed. The greenish/yellow flowers, narrow leaves and clumping habit are so unlike any milkweed I’ve seen around here. Thanks for the link.

  2. Aiyana Says:

    Great macro photo. I would never have known what it was–close up or far away.

    I have to share the credit with you. It was one of your posts that reminded me of sights unseen unless we look really close by using a camera. What no milkweed in Arizona?

  3. Kayce Neal Says:

    Those photos were so clear that i just stared for a few minutes. I have no idea what kind of flowers they were. Ijust enjoyed taking a peek, or rather the stare I told you about… Kayce

    Sometimes it’s good to stare no matter what our mothers taught us 🙂

  4. Mark Eccleston Says:

    Hi Wise acre,
    Nice images and like you I am always fascinated with what you can see once you have taken a photo with a macro.It’s a whole new world.

    Like the stone table tops too, one of those would be useful in our stone circle so we could offer residents an option of sacrifices. That unusual rock could complete the deal…

    Cheers Mark

    Good thing I have a digital camera otherwise the cost of film would make gas look cheap. It’s tough staying in focus with the wind blowing. I feel like a pro – take 100 shots and hope to get one good one.

    I’d be happy to mail you that big tabletop. You pay the postage and it’s yours 🙂 Sounds like a fun way to thin out the neighborhood of unbelievers.

  5. Tom Says:

    First time here. My daughter in law designs home gardens for the wealthy. She just created a way to do this on line for people as she wants to give back to society. You can see here link on our site of http://www.GreatLakesFlowerboxes.com. This is a neat site. I like your referrals to other sites that are realated. We just manufacture a “totally green” flowerbox for the people who like flowers under their windows. Talk soon and keep up the great work.

    Glad you stopped by. I’ll return the visit. I’m always curious to see what the ‘pros’ are doing. Who knows, I might find something laying around worth stealing 🙂

  6. Joy Says:

    Love the macro picture ! .. I seem to blur a lot of mine and end up saying very naughty words about my camera .. when it might be the operator ?
    Hey .. I have been saving up astilbe pictures just to let you know I haven’t forgotten ( I’ll do a HUGE post when I’m ready) .. I am distracted by the blanking raccoon show going on here .. and aside from the red glint in my eyes .. well .. loss of sleep trying to listen to where that guy is in the attic .. worrying about what he is actually doing up there while laughing at us down here .. if I go on you might have to delete this so I better stop .. BIG sigh
    PS .. the fang description was a great touch .. puts me in a Halloween mood .. THANKS !!! : )

    I curse the wind and those who say ‘use a tripod’ when the flowers are blowing in it.

    I’m afraid I haven’t spent even a few minutes in my garden and the Astilbe are going to fade away before I get a chance. It’s getting close to the time I will no longer plant and am rushing to get as much in the ground as possible. Thank goodness we’re getting rain. Much better conditions than last years unbearable heat and drought.

    Well it sounds like you’ll have that pest under control now that you got a pro on the case. I still think if you had put Emma up in the attic while she was in heat that the raccoon would have fled to look for a quieter hideout.

    How many days to Halloween? I know you know. 🙂

  7. Mr. McGregor's Daughter Says:

    I recognized it right away. That’s because I had Asclepias syricaca. I’m in the process of killing it off, as it is taking over my small front bed. I’m replacing it with A. purpurascens. I’ll miss it’s wonderfully scented flowers though.

    Mr. McGregor’s Daughter,
    Good eyes. Even with my bifocals I can’t make out the fangs. You know I always tell people to stop and smell the flowers yet I never do. I’ll have to stick my nose into more.

  8. Kayce Neal Says:

    Thank you so much for hanging in there with my blog, even though the title seems a little bit misleading. I went back and forth with it. But, since I really do want to keep a really big goal for myself… I left it.

    Seriously, my life has changed so dramatically since doing so. I do everything so differently. Everything. So many things have happened that I can’t even begin to blog about. I can’t really blog about the financial end of it all, I’m not sure that would be right. But, suffice to say, it has been really good…

    But, again.. thanks so much for sticking in there and reading on… Kayce

    No need to thank me. You left a nice comment and it was only simple manners to return your visit.

    If anyone wonders – I commented on her blog how I hesitated to return her visit. My first impression was to delete her comment because I’ve seen too many scam/MFA (Made For Ads) sites with similar titles. It was a pleasure to see her positive outlook at life.

  9. Joy Says:

    One hundred and eleven DAYS till the BIG one arrives .. but all of October I have a BIG silly grin on my face .. I love the Autumn .. brings out the sassy trickster in me ? LOL
    I understand about the astilbe .. this weather has been teasing us with some great rain days and planting is an urgent mission in between .. I have a ROUGH spot in my front bed where the raccoon catcher man has had to have his ladder in .. I cried a little .. sniff sniff .. then I realized .. PERFECT opportunity to BUY MORE PLANTS to fill the HOLE ? LOL .. I can almost always find a good point to disasters ? : )

    I can’t believe I missed the Astilbe blooming this year. Seems I was always in the wrong place at the right time.

    Now that’s the way to think. I’ll be right over and make you some new holes. I’ve had my eye on your gardens for a while and my pick up isn’t quite big enough to haul away everything I wanted.

  10. Ratty Says:

    Wow, that plant is totally evil looking. Now I have to see a flowering one for myself. I can’t wait till the right time of year comes back! I need pictures like that. I had no idea that milkweed looked like this. I’m going to send a few of my friends here to look at this.

    Hey it goes with your post on pod people 🙂 Funny how we both thought about aliens after looking closely at milkweed.

  11. mimmylynn Says:

    The Everyday Adventurer sent me here. Wow!! You make plants interesting. I’ll be back.

    Nature makes them – I only try and capture some of the wonder. I think the Everyday Adventurer has caught the same fever I have. I expect you won’t have to go so far in the near future.