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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 17th, 2011

look again

Mar 17

Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be.

At a distance this didn’t seem like anything special. Just more moss covered rocks in a pile that pretends to be a stone wall. Not until I examined it closely by trying to pull the head off did I realize this was a one piece stone. It kind of looks like a turtle to me. I think it would like living in my pond garden if I can coax it to follow me home.

mossy rock

Sometimes ya got to take a closer look. The tip of the head had some interesting moss. The ‘sky’ background is actually shadowed snow.


Sometimes ya don’t get a second look. It was a stand off. A deer out in the corn stubble had spotted me as I fumbled for my camera. No way was I going to be able to stalk this one for a closer shot.

deer in corn stuble
another day – another deer. nothing to see here, time to move on

Sometimes ya got to know what you’re looking at. This is an ant hill. The area is swampy so the ants have to build up instead of down to avoid getting flooded out. I’ve never seen one more than a couple feet high but I have seen them about 4 feet across.

ant hill

A look across the front yard from the widow at my desk. The Amish are using stealth buggies that confuse my camera. See it? It wasn’t all that stelthy because of the noise. I could hear it coming down the road and had just enouth time to get the window opened.

amish horse and buggy

A not so quick camera setting change gave me enought time to get another shot off before it moved out of range.

amish buggy

These photos were taken yesterday. The snow in the yard is nealy gone now. Whoot! Mud Season has arrived.

Keep looking. I found more stuff today.

This looks Lichen some kind of mutant terrestrial kelp to me. To even guess at the identity would make me look lichen some kind of Foliose.

Foliose lichen - Nephroma resupinatum

I did look around the web for clues.
The closest thing I saw that looked like this was – Nephroma resupinatum

Foliose lichen

I didn’t have to look this one up. I know it’s a velvet foot mushroom.

velvet foot mushroom

I thought it was cute growing in the knot hole.

11 Responses

  1. Donna Says:

    Loved all your images today. What great finds. Amish buggies? I am originally from Amish country in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Dutch was the dialect. So glad I didn’t learn to talk like that, no one would understand me.

  2. sharkbytes Says:

    Whoa! That pink wet thing is pretty fantastic. Looks alien and dangerous (and weird and wonderful)

  3. Sunny form Stone Art's Blog Says:

    Fantastic closeup shots!

  4. Out on the prairie Says:

    Lovely pictures and thoughts to share.By the looks of that open buggy the temps are staying mild.

  5. marguerite Says:

    That is one fat healthy deer. Obviously the corn field is providing some good eats over the winter.

  6. Emma Springfield Says:

    When you site loaded, I thought you had a picture of a turtle covered with some sort of green parasite. That is a remarkable photo.

  7. Becky Says:

    Exercise caution if you approach the turtle when the ice is out. You may find that the head snaps right off.

  8. Elephant's Eye Says:

    I’m lichen that kelp ;~)

  9. Elephant's Eye Says:

    I’m lichen that kelp ;~)

  10. Curbstone Valley Farm Says:

    I love finding fungi growing inside hollow trunks and stumps. They sit there, almost daring you to find them! I have to agree with your mutant terrestrial kelp diagnosis…that’s really what it looks like!

  11. Heath Ashli Says:

    Thanks, I had been trying to identity some foliose (lichen) http://www.flickr.com/photos/heathashli/5788918524/
    growing in my driveway, now I know what it is!