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Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 7th, 2011

Neighborhood Stalker

Jan 7

Yep, that’s me. Unfortunately I have a sidekick that doesn’t have a clue of what I’m doing. Dog has a nose for following but she always seems to be out in front. Today was no exception. As I cautiously eased my way to the edge of the woods to scan the cornfield Pookey burst out into the open and immediately caught the attention of the turkeys that were busy scraping a living.

Can’t see them? Look closer and you might notice the tiny black spot just to the right and slightly beyond the shrub (island) in the middle of the photo.

winter cornfield

At full zoom (18x) the camera makes it possible to see exactly what the black dots way out in the field are. While the photos aren’t worth writing home about at least I have proof I see turkeys.

winter cornfield turkeys

The turkeys quickly scrambled over the small rise and vanished out of sight. Dog and I followed and we discovered that the turkeys had turned into deer.

winter cornfield deer

6 deer were also gleaning a meal in the cornfield. I froze when I saw them but Dog just kept following her nose. Of course Pookey never saw the deer but they certainly saw her.

winter cornfield deer

In typical fashion the deer flashed their white tails while getting the heck out of there.

white tail deer

With the wildlife spooked we continued down to the river. I was a bit surprised at the extent the river had frozen over considering the ‘mild’ weather lately.

grasse river ice

Not surprising (to me) was that the river also ran (downhill) away from me. Looks like Dog scared it by getting ahead of me again.

grasse river ice

Ice pile up. This is as close to a traffic jam I’ll ever get in my neighborhood.

grasse river ice

One of many streams that run downhill through the wooded neighborhood.

winter stream

Last stop – Porcupine Pillars. It looks like this upscale porcupine condo has a waiting line. There are a couple of hollow spots in the old maple tree so either this porcupine is snow bathing or waiting to fill a vacancy as soon one opens up.

porcupine snowball

7 Responses

  1. rainfield Says:

    I thought you will continue to hibernate in the winter.

    But it was lucky then I can see some winter pictures.

  2. sharkbytes Says:

    Loved this short walking tour. I’ll be featuring one tonight myself.

  3. Louise Says:

    I’ve never seen a porcupine, not even the hind end of one, like in your last picture. And, I don’t have the excuse of having a noisy, nosey dog along stirring up the population.

  4. Marguerite Says:

    porcupines! I’ve always wanted to see one. Although I don’t think I would have noticed this lump in the tree. Good eye.

  5. Lynn Bay Says:

    Love the pictures! I haven’t seen a porcupine around my area for awhile, they must all be hiding in a snow drift. Deer have been in the yard several times. Coyotes howling on the hill last night, didn’t get to see them but I have a dog who howls with them. Love the wildlife!

  6. A Year In My Garden Says:

    Turkeys and deer – you’re very lucky and I’m hoping that by following your blog I may pick up some tips for my own garden where the weather looks somewhat similar

  7. Donna Says:

    This was a nice winter walk, seeing the wildlife. Amazing you got those shots with a dog in tow.