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Posted by WiseAcre on Dec 13th, 2013

Oh, my aching back

Dec 13

I’m in pretty good shape compared to the many Ford Rangers I’ve beat up over the years.
Hauling big stone takes it’s toll.

Not everybody finds dealing with boulders back breaking.
My buddy Stewy couldn’t wait for me to finish the birdbath.
I mean cat feeder.

After laying so much stone I’m laid out.

At least I managed to bring some home.

I never considered it work. Building with stone is a back breaking good time.

Sometimes I think about a place to sit.

A ripple in time is etched upon stone.
Or should I say, time etched ripples in this stone?

Unfinished business never bothered me.
I enjoy sitting and wondering what I’ll do next.



A special Hello and Thanks to those who returned after such a long absence on my part. You know who you are, sharkbytes, rainfield and Beck. Leo, where have you been?, long time no see

9 Responses

  1. Leo Says:

    John, you are an artist when working with stone. Maybe a very tired one, but none-the-less a true artist.

    I wanted to be a landscape artist but no one told me I should use a brush.

  2. sharkbytes Says:

    OK, I’ve been working on a pond like that for umpteen years, but lack of funds and the need to smuggle a few flat stones into Michigan with every NY trip keeps progress slow. I love yours.

  3. Becky Says:

    Sometimes I think it takes a stone person to truly appreciate what you do. If you have the time or the strength, there is a vermilion fungus on my blog that I would like you to identify. It’s just one post back. Now everything is white here much like it must be at your place.

  4. Rainfield M Penang Says:

    I am so surprise to see how a magician has turned those stones into a wonder.

  5. Cindee Says:

    Merry Christmas! I have missed your posts! Glad to see you are doing well…even your back(-:

  6. Ratty Says:

    I’m a little late commenting. I just now saw that you have a new post. It’s good to see that you’re back. I’ve missed your posts. I’d love to be able to do what you do with those stones, but it obviously takes a lot of talent and a lot of work.

  7. Ellen Says:

    Nice to see you (and Stewy) back again.

  8. Tammie Says:

    this all looks gorgeous!
    you are wonderfully creative.

  9. Peggy Says:

    Everybody must get stone! (-cold sober?)
    Lovely, and darned impressive, too.