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Posted by WiseAcre on Sep 1st, 2011

Perennial Pleasures

Sep 1

…and naughty bits.

I take perennial flowers for granted. I planted them so I expect them to be there for me, and they are, year after year while I’ve gallivanted around seeking cheap thrills with their wild cousins.

Ever faithful, my garden phlox and perennial sunflowers wait for me at the side of the house. Both are a bit aggressive but I like that in my flower bed.

phlox and perennial sunflowers

Then there’s my geranium. I’ve forgotten her name but she still tempts me with her naughty bits.

geranium naughty bits

Speaking of naughty bits, the ligularia has more than enough to arouse my interest. I have to say ligularia flowers are one of my perennial favorites.

ligularia naughty bits

An inch worm makes an unsuccessful move on another ligularia flower. Poor little worm, no matter how much he stretched and stiffened the neighboring naughty bits were out of reach.

inch worm on ligularia flower

Phloxy Autumn Joy. I told ya phlox is aggressive.
Sedum flower heads getting phloxed.

phlox flowers piercing sedum flowerhead

Ah, what can I say. I strayed on the wild side again. A dainty Aster on the fringes of respectability (where the lawn mower dares not go) caught my fancy. Asters can be so hard to pin down s I didn’t catch a last (species) name.

aster flower

Disturb a bald faced hornet’s nest and you’ll feel the sting of their really nasty bits. They’re pretty much a black and white version of a yellow jacket wasp. Both are known for their bad attitude so it’s best not to stick your nose into their business end.

bald faced hornet

I guess that’s enough. I have other things to do now.
nudge, nudge, wink, wink

4 Responses

  1. Becky Says:

    Nice erotic garden photos. That inch worm must be a male. H’s obviously wishing he was an inch and a half worm!

    maybe I should forward some of the male enhancer emails in my spam folder to him. Obviously I don’t need them, my head is big enough already.

  2. Louise Says:

    Beautiful Fall flowers. You’ve given me some ideas of what to plant. After the daylilies, my garden kind of goes pffffft.

    I didn’t get around to the black-eyed susans. They’re good for a big punch in the garden at this time of year. I prefer the Goldstrum.

  3. Janet Says:

    What high quality photos. The hornet looks a bit wicked!

    I try, I figure with such poor writing skills I need to make up the difference or no one would ever return.

    Individuals are pretty mellow when they’re hanging out on flowers but disturb their nest and wicked would be an understatement. The colony will put a world of hurt on ya if you don’t run for your life.

    I corrected the link on your user name. I assumed it was a mistake. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly muck it up again.

  4. Jerrie Says:

    I have been overwhelmed looking at the wildflowers and want to buy some. Do you ever sell your plants? If not, do you recommend a source?
    I had lost my blue-eyed grass and had forgotten its name and had been searching for it with all sorts of name combinations and low and behold I came across your website and there she is……….

    Sorry, I’ve got nothing to sell and no recommendations either.
    I just photograph the wildflowers while I wander around.