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Posted by WiseAcre on Jun 27th, 2015

Recipes for Cats

Jun 27

Steward J. Cat’s favorite recipe is Field Mouse Delight.
While easily prepared it does require more effort catching the fresh ingredient needed.

The hunter

Field Mouse Delight

– live field mouse
For urban house cats you can substitute a house mouse

-Catch mouse
-chew head off
-play with carcass
-eat while still warm and supple

Due to the graphic nature of the preparation and finished meal those photos have been withheld. I will show an after dinner pic displaying how nose licking good a fresh meal of Field Mouse Delight is.

…and now for something completely different.

Blood Sport
playing catch with a cat

4 Responses

  1. cindee Says:

    LOL great post (-: Or your younger cat can catch a nice fat rat for your older cat. My Cats do that.(-: Older cat is to fat to hunt for herself so she enlists the younger ones to do that job for her. She eats their catch of the day.

  2. Becky Says:

    You could use Hoyt Wilhelm”s catcher’s mitt, but I think it is in the museum in Cooperstorn.

  3. Diana Studer Says:

    reworking an old post, and I read your comment. Glad to see your blog come back to life!

  4. Ratty Says:

    It’s good to see a post from you. You’re still just as good as ever. I would have seen it sooner but I haven’t been online for a few weeks myself.