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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 11th, 2011

snow shrooms to a prickly pair

Mar 11

…another march madness episode.

Mushroom Madness

I didn’t think I could top finding mushrooms growing in a Feburary north country winter but photographing them in snow is a new high for me.

velvet foot mushroom in snow

I found these on the same Elm tree the Feburary batch was growing on.

Velvet Foot Mushroom – Flammulina velutipes

velvet foot mushroom in snow

I know it’s yellow but this is to the best of my knowledge:

Orange Jelly – Dacrymyces palmatus

orange jelly fungus

This too was a warm Febuary day discovery but I caught it growing this time. It’s on a dead Hemlock branch which makes me believe it is orange jelly but I wasn’t aware it grew like a slime mold. Doubts on the identity are now stuck in the cobwebs of my mind. Is this a slime mold or a mushroom? It certainly looks like snot.

orange jelly or slime mold?

Moss Madness

I love this rock. It’s about a quarter mile from the house but I swear someday I’m going to bring it home. It’s going to be tough to do. I need to find someone dumber than I to carry it.

Moss Rock Garden
moss rock garden

The Fire Moss is ‘blooming’.
As far as I’ve observed, fire moss is the first moss to form spore pods as the snow melts.

fire moss spore pods

sometimes it doesn’t wait for the snow to melt

spore pods emerging from snow

Ice Madness

I did make it to the river. Almost. I was kept at bay by the high water level. I’d guess it’s about 6 feet higher than normal.

grasse river ice in March

grasse river ice - mar 11, 2011
I have more ice photos but this is enough for today.

Porcupine Madness

This is actually the last shot I took of them. I wanted to open with an obvious pair of porkies.

pair of porcupines

The first photo I took is not very revealing. It only shows the tip of the second porcupine’s tail.

Not a snuggle bunny

Tomorrow I’m headed to Lampson Falls on the Grasse River. While I’m in the area I hope to find some wintergreen. I’d love to catch the red berries against the snow. (fingers crossed)

4 Responses

  1. Ratty Says:

    Maybe that fire moss knows something the rest of us don’t. Then again, it just snowed again here. I look for mushrooms now because of you. I don’t find many yet, but I have found a few interesting things on my search.

  2. sharkbytes Says:

    Visual overload! Moss and porkie all look pokey. Fungus is soft and slimy.

  3. Marguerite Says:

    My head knows they aren’t cute and snuggly but gosh darn those porcupines sure make me want to cuddle them.

  4. Elephant's Eye Says:

    Fire moss? Has it learnt the snowdrop trick of generating heat to melt snow?