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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 23rd, 2012

Spring Beauties and Wild Leeks

Mar 23

My first wildflower photo of 2012 came as a bit of a surprise. The Carolina Spring Beauties – Claytonia caroliniana are about two weeks earlier than I’ve ever seen them.

Carolina Spring Beauty - Claytonia caroliniana

The flowers are pretty enough to bring me to my knees.

Carolina Spring Beauty - native wildflower

The woods held a couple more surprises. Besides the spring beauties I also found wild leeks (ramps) and a number of garter snakes around the rock outcrop.

wild leeks in the woods

The leeks are nearly ready to harvest. I’ll be eating wild leek – potato soup early this year.

Anyone living in the Canton, NY area want some wild leeks? I’d be happy to pick extra.

wild leeks - Allium tricoccum

Garter Snake – Thamnophis sirtalis
garter snake - Thamnophis sirtalis

For some reason I don’t believe garter snakes got the name because women used them to hold up their stockings.

7 Responses

  1. Randy Says:

    Love the snake close up. Your Spring Beauties have much fatter leaves than ours. Bring me to my knees as well.

  2. Marguerite Says:

    Yikes, that’s the last thing you want clinging to your leg! That claytonia is incredible. Apparently it can grow in our area but I’ve never seen the likes of it.

  3. Beverly Seaton Says:

    I haven’t seen any spring beauties yet, which is odd because the bloodroot is blooming. Maybe I haven’t seen them because I have not got out into the woods yet, although I usually have some in my wild garden (actually the filled in cellar hole of the old summer kitchen).

    Do not love the snake closeup. Nothing personal, just a serious case of snakephobia.

  4. Ratty Says:

    I’ll have to start watching for garter snakes here. I saw a lot of them at my place last fall when I got here.

  5. allison Says:

    how do u post pix on this website?

    Not sure what you mean. How do I or how do you? You can’t, only I can. If you want me to see a pix you can post a link address and I can go see it but there is no way to post the image in your comment.

  6. norma assante Says:

    i started out calling “blue-eyed grass”…” bluets”…for years. thanks for straightening me out. also you have a “dream come true” site. so much stuff i needed to know for identification and nowhere or no one to help. e.g. i needed to be sure that “garlic-mustard” is what i thought (only thought) it to be as… Did you know that this pest is edible? Wash or clean leaves, cover lightly with olive oil, bake at 400 degrees for a few minutes and eat like potato chips.

    also, i took pictures of fungi (i guess) that is wirey and purple. looks like the picture of the yellow one you show under “unidentified”. would love to know what it is.

    i live in rockland county,n. y. and only want to do gardening and identifying wild plants. are we kindred spirits? lovely house and landscaping.

    norma assante

  7. MaryElen Says:

    I love your pics, I take some myself. Especially love taking fungus and mushroom pics and identifying them later. Most people don’t take time to really look at the world close up or appreciate it. Thank you for putting beautiful pictures out there.