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Posted by WiseAcre on Apr 14th, 2012

Stewart J Cat

Apr 14

Before I get to Stewy I just want to show today’s wildflower find. I discovered these tiny yellowed eyed pretties with pale blue petals while walking through a corn field.

Bluets – Houstonia caerulea

Bluets - Houstonia caerulea

I didn’t expect to find Bluets among the corn debris but there were a fair number of tight little clusters like this one. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’ll be going back to ‘save’ them. How can I resist?

bluet flower

Nearly every cat I’ve had has followed me around but none like Stewy. Stewy will tag along through woods and fields on walks that loop around a couple miles out back. Stewy would rather hunt for mice along the stone walls but he’s patient enough and will wait for me when I fuss with the camera. Dog not so much, Pookey took off for home rather than wait. Dog doesn’t care to be out standing in a field.

Corn field kitty
stewy the cat

The stone walls are Stewy’s favorite hunting grounds. There are plenty of mice and chipmunks that easily evade him by vanishing into the walls but Stewy doesn’t mind, finding a comfortable place to wait for them to reemerge is no problem.

cat resting on a stone wall

The swamp out back might slow Stewy down but it won’t stop him from following. This time I had to wait.

Oops, go where?
cat vs water

There was a jump of about 6 feet to dry ground and Stewy had to sit and think it over.

Who put my tail in the water?
cat tail in the water

About now I was getting a feeling Stewy was considering me pond scum.

Ya got to be kidding me
swamp cat

Just as I was about to save him, Stewy made the jump. I have to admit it was an impressive leap of faith.

11 Responses

  1. Tatyana@MySecretGarden Says:

    Cats are wonderful creatures, and you got one of the best! Very loyal cat!

  2. rainfield Says:

    You get one of the best that can participate in the coming Olympic game.

  3. Beverly Seaton Says:

    The king of cats, the large orange male. This past Christmas my own Stewie (King James) arrived at my back door from a nearby barn. So far he doesn’t follow me in the woods–not that I can go there very often anymore.

    I have never had a close encounter with bluets, just seen them at a distance. Lovely.

  4. Curbstone Valley Farm Says:

    Most cats I’ve had would run a mile at the sight of that much water! Stewy, you’re very brave, so glad you didn’t turn into a soggy moggy. You’d be proud of us I think, we just hauled an enormous stone into our front garden for use a fountain. The stone yard even drilled a hole clean through it! I must admit, it was quite fun going rock shopping, but after muscling it into place, my arms are really sore! 😛

  5. Elephant's Eye Says:

    Thanks to Meredith I see you are back to blogging. We once had a cat who followed us along the next garden. But that was it. Unusual that Stewie enjoys the walk more than the dog.

  6. Randy Says:

    WA, Sure he is a great cat! What a trooper for getting out on that log AND getting his tail wet. My Grumpy would follow me around the yard.

  7. Ellen Says:

    What a face! I envy you.

  8. Marguerite Says:

    What a handsome devil that Stewie is. I’m impressed how far he will walk with you. Our cat likes to tag along as well and hates to get left behind but he has his limits of how far he’ll go.

  9. Cindee Says:

    I had a cat that would follow me on walks. We didn’t walk across the water though but I am sure that cat would have(-: Great pictures(-:

  10. joyce milner Says:

    The rock wall which the cat is resting upon is my favorite. When I walk in the Alabama woods with my husband I am constantly stopping to photograph the old rocks covered in mosses and burried in leaves. He wants to know why I wish to photograph them He doesn’t see the beauty which I see.

  11. Roberta Says:

    Stewy looks like a great companion. He also looks HUGE! He is a very handsome guy.