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Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 23rd, 2011

Today’s weather – slightly squeaky

Jan 23

Today’s temps hovered just below zero all day. At those temps the snow makes a squeaky sound when you walk on it. Tonight it’s supposed to drop to about -30F. Tomorrow should be very squeaky.

During the winter Mother Nature does a good job smoothing over all the cracks and potholes in the road. I decided to head up the road to enjoy the sound of of my footsteps.

winter road

Pook and I went up the road only a little ways before we turned left and entered the Cedar woods. We don’t go there often, it can be a pain walking through the area with all the dead-falls to trip over and branches that scratch both face and eyes if you’re not careful.

cedar woods

On a recent walk through the area I saw signs that a porcupine was present. Under a big old pine tree I had found droppings and yellow snow but no porcupine to be seen. On our return trip to the pine tree we came across a couple of deer beds. Pook got a good nose full before we moved on.

winter deer bed

Guess I can’t complain. I have a nice warm bed compared to my four footed neighbors.

winter deer bed

It was only a short way from the beds to the old pine tree. When we got there I found fresh signs from above. Guess what I found.

porcupine in pine

Not much more to see than a ball of quills. My new neighbor was tucked up on a branch about 30 feet high.

Dispite the cold, water still flows under the ice and snow. I found one tiny spot where flowing water could still be seen. Ice crystals growing in the clearing reminded me of ferns.

ice crystals that look like ferns

9 Responses

  1. Randy Says:

    Too darn cold for me! Cool ice crystals. Pook is a good sport to go out there with you.

  2. Louise Says:

    Here I have been whining this morning about -6 F. You win!

  3. Curbstone Valley Farm Says:

    Forecast to be 70F here today, and looking at all that cold, I’m that much more grateful! The ice crystals are beautiful though, but I’m content to visit them here, rather than in person 😉 Can’t say we have any porcupines though!

  4. rainfield Says:

    The last picture is great.

    White ferns that I have not seen before.

  5. sharkbytes Says:

    You have such good luck seeing the porkies! Love those crystals. Only -10 here.

  6. Marguerite Says:

    I’m loving these pictures of porcupines. Despite the quills I think they’re lovely animals. Mind you, I quite like skunks too.

  7. Ratty Says:

    Great stuff, as always. Reading your posts always makes me want to be right back outside again so I can have this much fun too.

  8. Out on the prairie Says:

    A very nice hike and previous hikes with lots of treasures. I have only seen a porcupine twice in the wilds.I enjoy getting close to the wildlife.The frozen areas allow for a greater access into places you can’t explore without a boat.Very nice blog.

  9. Emma Springfield Says:

    I am almost tired myself. I feel as if I were out with you and Pook. Fantastic pictures.