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Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 19th, 2011

turkey, deer and a sleepy eyed porcupine

Jan 19

Another post of the same old wildlife stew I see nearly every day.

Yesterday a turkey sentry foiled my attempt to sneak up on the flock. I spotted it before it saw me but there was no getting around it.

turkey hidden by brush

My estimate of how many turkeys live in the neighborhood took a big jump when I saw this flock. There were at least 40 left in the field by the time I managed to get a photograph. Who knows how many vanished from sight before I made it to the crest of the rise and could actually see the corn field. That sentry had gobbled a warning and the flock was in full retreat.

turkey flock fleeing

This is a continuation of the view at the extreme right. Just a little bit beyond that the turkeys were disappearing into the woods at the corner of the field.

turkeys in winter cornfield

Continuing our hike dog and I came across other small groups of turkeys in more corn fields. I’d estimate I easily saw more than 60 turkeys on our walk that day. Who knows how many remained out of sight? I used to think there was probably 40 to 60 turkeys around. So much for thinking.

Pookey finally sees some deer. …and froze in her tracks. This might actually be the first time she actually saw any deer on one of our walks.

pookey finally see some deer

Once dog and I made the rounds of the crop fields we headed through the woods to the porcupine tree. It seemed ‘snowball’ had not moved since the last visit but this time it at least looked at me with sleepy eyes.

porcupine justwoken up

6 Responses

  1. Louise Says:

    Snowball, hah! That’s an awful cute name for that prickly little critter. Especially since that stare looks like he’s saying “touch me and be sorry” to me.

  2. Randy Says:

    That is a lot of turkeys! Almost as many of the Republicans trying the get rid of the new health care plan! Cool porky too!

  3. sharkbytes Says:

    What the heck is Snowball doing outside of her tree? Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to be sleeping inside?

  4. Leo Says:

    I believe I can spot seven deer in that photo. Soon that herd will be as large as the flock of turkeys. Nice photograpy, those turkeys are hard to capture.

  5. Benjamin Says:

    But did you see any turkeys flying? I mean, for a good distance? I’ve never seen this, but heard they can do it.

  6. Leo Says:

    Turkeys will run by choice, but yes they fly, a bit clumsily, when they are hard pressed. I watched a flock for an entire summer. Every evening they would fly, one by one, into the lower limbs of a tree. From there they would fly to an adjacent tree landing a little higher, continuing this until they had moved several times, each time getting higher. In the morning they flew directly to the ground.