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Posted by WiseAcre on May 3rd, 2010

Wildflower Hike Continued

May 3

My goodness, I’m serving day old photos but I promised to post the rest of my finds from yesterday’s wildflower hunt.

Early Meadow Rue – Thalictrum dioicum

Early Meadow Rue

Thalictrum dioicum - leaflet   Contrary to it’s common name, early meadow rue grows in moist woods. But it is an early bloomer and flowers about the same time the trees leaf out.

I practiced my ‘French’ while attempting to focus on the dangling flowers dancing in the wind. Luckily it helped and I managed one half way decent photo. I need to go back and take more photos though. Male and female flowers are supposed to grow on separate plants. I didn’t know that before so I neglected to check.

This is a new addition to my wildflower ‘collection’. It almost threw me off but the leaves were a giveaway. It has the same basic leaf structure as the other wild meadow rues. I just never expected to find one so small (less than 2 feet) and so early blooming after becoming familiar with Tall Meadow Rue which can grow to 8 feet tall and blooms in late summer.

Owl Pellet

Forget burial or cremation. I want to be wrapped in a wool blanket and swallowed by a giant owl. I’d think I’d make one heck of a pellet for some kid’s grammar school science project.
Owl Pellet

Getting ‘live’ wildlife photos is tough when Pookey is around. Everything takes off and I’m lucky to get a shot at full zoom. (heavily cropped)

Canadian Geese Taking Off

geese taking off

Who says a ground cover can’t be a couple feet high? I love this section of the river bank.

False Hellebore – Veratrum viride

False Hellebore

Here’s a wet meadow wildflower about ready to bloom.

Golden Alexanders – Zizia aurea

Golden Alexanders

Soon. The flower buds are about ready to open.

Golden Alexanders flower buds

Last but not least is a sweet treat. You just need a whole lot of them.

Wild Strawberry Flower

strawberry flower

6 Responses

  1. Curbstone Valley Farm Says:

    Oh! That is one heck-of-an owl pellet! Especially with the skull intact! Wonderful! We have a Great Horned Owl nesting here at the moment, and have found a number of owl pellets lately, but that one is impressive. Not that the wild strawberry and false hellebore aren’t pretty too LOL.

  2. Town Mouse Says:

    What a great hike! It’s OK to serve up some day-old photos, they’re crunchier and last longer when they’ve been sitting for a day or too.

  3. cindee Says:

    Love all the pictures(-: I am always looking for an owl pellet. The owls are nesting again in a tree near the house so I will be looking again(-:

  4. Ratty Says:

    I like all the wildflower pictures a lot, and the owl pellet, and the picture of the Canada Geese is maybe the best I’ve ever seen of them.

  5. Tatyana Says:

    Geese photo is outstanding!

  6. rainfield Says:

    Day old photos still serve as a wonder to me. Give me more!