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Posted by WiseAcre on Mar 17th, 2010

Winter Aconite

Mar 17

The first blooms of the year have finally lived up to their name. Around here Winter Aconite usually blooms in Spring. They would have bloomed even sooner but deep snow clung to the spot until just the other day when it seemed to have vanished overnight. These are 11 days ahead of last year’s flowers and the first time I’ve seen them officially bloom in Winter.

Winter Aconite – Eranthis hyemalis

Winter Aconite

Yep – just another desktop wallpaper

A small group decided to colonize a moist shady spot a couple years ago at a friend’s place. They’ve had no problem with dealing with the competition. The tall ferns, Gill-Over-the-Ground and even the quack-grass that dominates the area hasn’t stopped the Winter Aconite from spreading. Where they came from is anybody’s guess but the immigrants are vigorous and the colony is growing. I’m just a little jealous of my friend since these are such a welcome sight at this time of year. But there’s one good reason I’m not quite ready to offer Winter Aconite a refuge at my homestead.

Winter Aconite

The whole plant is poisonous. With one grand kid toddling around after another these pretty flowers really aren’t something I want to tempt them with.

Porcupine Portrait

My sugar maple buddy seems to be getting used to my presence. No scrambling to the hidy hole today. Napping in the warm sun must have mellowed him out.


WiseAcre Folklore

In the swampy woods of the north country don’t trust the old wood lore about moss growing on the north side of trees. In the woods surrounding me, moss grows completely around the trees. Either I can’t move any farther south or somebody is not always right.

Around here moss grows on the north side of dummies.

deer dummy

North side

dummy deer

South side

Dummy Deer that is.  NOT my backside.

2 Responses

  1. Becky Says:

    Only you could make a porcupine look so cute and friendly. That winter aconite is beautiful. If you stood still out in the yard as long as that deer obviously has, you just might grow a little moss too!

  2. Monica the Garden Faerie Says:

    Hmmm… I swore I planted some winter aconite two falls ago… it hasn’t beat the crocus. I love the aconite, though! I do like the porcupine! Hmmm,… I thought the deer was a greyhound, LOL!