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Posted by WiseAcre on Jan 21st, 2011

winter garden and a little less turkey

Jan 21

Weed free garden.
How the mighty have fallen. The victors of the summer battle of weeds may have gotten the best of me but they sure couldn’t stand up to the forces of winter. They now lie buried under snow leaving the garden clean and neat.

The cuttings from my Autumn Joy sedum emerge from the blanket of snow. The snow caps on them caught my attention so I began today’s walk with a side trip to the garden in the hopes of capturing a nice winter image.

garden in winter

Dog wasn’t amused. It was time to go sniffing about and any delay was not acceptable.

snow covered garden

A fairy village?

sedum snow caps

Nope, just some garden variety snow cones.

sedum snow caps

And now for a little turkey

Pook as usual scared up a group of turkeys before I had a chance to. The turkeys had scratched up a section of the field foraging for corn. Here, she stands licking her nose after smelling turkey. Meanwhile the group made their escape but I did manage to snap a photo.

turkey scratchings in winter cornfield

They’ll be back tomorrow.
The corn fields are the only reliable source of food keeping such a large population fed through the winter.

Turkeys in winter cornfield

3 Responses

  1. rainfield Says:

    They will be your reliable food if they fail to locate theirs.

  2. Randy Says:

    Those snow cones are pretty neat! Maybe someday the garden will return, the weeds also…

  3. Susan Anderegg Says:

    I am a graphic designer at Montana State University Extension and I am putting together the winter issue of our quarterly magazine, Big Sky Small Acres. We print no more than 1000 that are distributed throughout the state. I need a photo of a generic garden in winter to use as a background behind the text. Found a one or 2 that might work beautifullly on your website and am wondering if I might have permission to use them?
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Susan Anderegg